*shaking my head* Once sumthin gets crackin, people always gotta venture off like its "no longer cool" and they movin on to sumthin better. When the next best thing is gonna turn into the last best thing.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, I am talking about blogs. But this can go for a lot of things as well...such as fashion, music, and all that lifestyle type of sh!t.

But ANYwhooo...Octavius and the homie J Nichols told me to check out the comments on the "hater" post from Aaron Reid's blog. i NEVER read comments unless its on here. But i checked em out. *shaking my head while its down* I could not BELIEVE all the hatred over one post. Talkin bout my dude didn't earn his. He's fat. He's stuntin. He's conceited. More but the list goes on. I've never seen someone go so hard to talk bad about someone that you probably NEVER met or came in contact with. So can u really say what he is about. The only way you would know even so much is if you were checkin his blog on a regular basis. So ninjas...if you don't like it...then why u still on it...givin a fluck? Just a simple question. Bum ass dudes claimin they bloods and makin threats....yea ur real gangster homie. LOL.

As for people saying that blogs are overrated, its only said because you see there is competition. You're not the only cool person on the block...sorry. Blogs may be one of the best come ups online. You get to see a variety of personalities. Many likes/dislikes. What's in. What's not...from different perspectives. Different "funnies". A plethora of emotions. U can't knock that. It's unique. Its interesting. Some are fairly wack i must admit. But that's probably becuz they're not putting their heart into it. So instead of downplaying the blogs because you slippin on ya pimpin (lol), just do better! And welcome everyone to our online community instead of backslappin em (corny i know but u get the gist).

P.S.A.::: Same goes for the fashion world. Don't say certain fashion essentials/names are wack. ESPECIALLY when u don't got that sh!t homie. Don't talk it 'less u walked it.


OcTaViUs said...

Like my ninja J.nichols said jump dick ass ninjas out here lacking on their own, so they have to jump on other man ish to make themselves look like somthing. DUDE RICH AS HELL IM PRETTY SURE HE LOOKING AT THEM COMMENTS WHILE HE'S COUNTING HIS MONEY OR DADS MONEY WHO IN THE FLUCK CARES! DICKRIDING IS A CRIME PLZ STOP IT