NYE 2009

I tire of those people who
HATE ST. LOUIS, and can't give one action they have taken to make it more opportunistic or more entertaining for themselves or anyone else. These people usually fall into certain groups:
-Either too young and haven't really been through out this city
-A person who lives on facet of life and has no diversity. ("only places to go are the Galleria and the East side")
- Someone who goes from home - - work - - their cousin's house - -then back home.

As for those people who dislike St. Louis and have actually taken the initiative to find opportunities elsewhere . . .hmm I guess thats cool, you're doing your thing. lol

* You're Not used to seeing these bottles are you?*

St. Louis is more than Cranberry and Vodka

But I realized on the eve of 2009 that I take the STL I see in my head and try to bring it to fruition the best I can. It works for me fine, and sooner or later I hope to change this city so that you enjoy it.

Lets see what we can do in 09.


Anonymous said...

First of all- That picture of downtown turned out beautiful. (I am happy to say i was present, all over your shoulder...lol)

Second- Lovin the juice bottles

OcTaViUs said...

yea man i would have to agree with ms clark.......ill ass pic darren