Mr. Nesbitt LOOK!!

So the other day, the Monarchs were having a discussion about how cool Polaroid cameras back in the day are. Mr. Nesbitt just so happened to come up on one of the old ones that someone was about to throw away due to the ended production of polaroid film. *hand up" Mr Nesbitt says: "I'll take that sh*t." (Lol) We end up having this discussion about how it will be harder to get polaroid film and you will truly have to google that ish now. BUT....it must have been known that Polaroids were TOO COOL to rid existence. Polaroid will be releasing the Polaroid Pogo™ Instant Digital Camera in March of this year! Mad dope. One of the best features is that you can look at the pic before you take it and edit it b4 u print it out. Check out more features here.


Mr. Nesbitt said...

Let Tha Church say . . . YEAH!!!!!!

OcTaViUs said...

ima get that deal

Sierra Luella Mink said...

I have a couple old polariods!!!

The only place that i can ever find film for them is on EBAY.
Also, the packs of film usually only come in a pack with 10 exposures and one pack is EXPENSIVE.
Especially in 2009,
when polariod cool cams are nearly extinct!