It's been official but i'll state it once again....Barack Obama is the SH*T!!!!

So the festivities for Barack's inaugural celebration have DEFINITELY begun. I mean this ish is like never before. Today I watched his "We Are One" celebration on HBO. It was held at the Lincoln Memorial and the crowd was UNBELIEVABLE! But this is why Obama is the sh*t....when I say everyone was there....i mean EVERYONE was there! This ninja Obama had people you ain't seen in years...to top-selling actors...to performers who knew they had an occasion somewhere else but they wasn't missing out on impressing the one and only...Barack Obama. There was Jamie Foxx, Steve Carrell, Denzel Washington, Mary J, Garth Brooks, Will.I.Am, Sheryl Crow (i love her. She was flyy), Jon Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, Bono, John Legend, and SOOOOOOOO many more. But what i was surprised about was Beyonce got to perform like the last song, "America the Beautiful". I wasn't expecting her to get a special spotlight since she gets the honors of performing at the very special Inaugural ball. But this chick got the dibs at the celebration too???!!!! Damn!! Props to you Beyonce. You tight! lol. But yea the show was great. Many inspirational moments and this definitely kept me looking forward to the upcoming events.

BTW:: Watch CNN and see how many roads in DC are blocked off for the events. AMAZING! Every business should close because they ain't gon have any traffic coming through there. That ENTIRE city is on lock. I'm surprised they didn't separate DC from the United States itself for this damn man!


OcTaViUs said...

Great post Twiggy! Obama is defn MOST TALKED ABOUT PERSON ON EARTH RIGHT NOW. 1st day of class may not happen for me, im defn going to be lookin at CNN