I think I have a man crush (no homo)

Chris Brown is known for his voice, dancing skills, and BEST OF ALL being with the BEAUTIFUL RIHANNA. But at times I look past all that because Im paying attention to his dope attire. This dude be geared on the regular in im not talking about stuntn with LOUIS V & GUCCI, but he rocks regular ish just like ME n U. I have a load of respect for this guy and his talent, at times I find myself paying more attention to him in the tabloids more then Rihanna I no not a good look. YEA its a man crush.......lol

Im pretty sure im not alone with this subject, almost every guy has a man crush on a particular CELEB........LOL


Nichols Accomplished said...

Me and my lady have a crush on this dude... You really can't not love this dude. He is a beast. Respect!