ON the real tip I AM NOT THE ONLY SOULJA BOY FAN!!!! Ppl yall have to respect this young cat hustle. I mean I no he ain't talking about much in his lyrics, hell he ain't really saying ISH at all, But I no cats out here that LISTEN TO GUCCI MANE ON THE DAILY!!!!! now that Ninja ain't saying ISH AT ALL! In I really mean he ain't saying nothing!!!. WHAT THE HELL IS BOO-DA-BA SKU-BA-DA GOTTA BAD BITCH FEEDING ME GRAPEFRUIT-DA-BA............LMAO thats what I hear, but im not here to knock no one because in music I really feel that its not always about the lyrics, sometimes it is the sound in the beat, but most important HAVING FUN! THATS what I think Soulja Boy is doing, making sure his fans are having a good time. Dance music has been around for hellaz, so plz ppl don't knock a lil guy who makes up words like YULE, when back in the day you had a grown ass man with a GAP the size of a white castle box talkin about "GO KEISHA ITS YO BIRTHDAY GO SALLY ITS YO BIRTHDAY" what black chick you no anyway who name is SALLY?.......LOL
in conclusion STOP THE S.BEZZY HATE!!!


Nichols Accomplished said...

When you gonna get a pair of YUMS?.. That should be your next purchase. Those J's are REGULAR!!!

OcTaViUs said...

ima see how regular they are when u see me wearing them. you should neva comment on the Jordan One after you went out in bought the red guys n swinging off my d*ck when i had on the lasers.