Check it out

Please let me know if I'm sounding too negative because I've been starting sentences with "I don't Like". BUT! one good reason may be because I am growing un-accustomed to my environment and thats good I'm ready to get my empire built . . .doing what? not sure yet.

Anyway, I don't like that some people are still using checks! I was in a grocery store today and I always have to misfortune of standing behind the slowest person. This time I chose to stand behind a young lady who was close to my age and had few items. . .
This simple [B!&@H] pulls out a big ass wallet and begins to write a check!!!!

Oh I forgot there was an old lady around 65 something in between us, she turns around and looks at me as if to say " Is this young broad writing a check? Hell, I dont write checks!".

So as the older woman and I wait to be checked out I realized how much this check is slowing down our lives, The cashier had to put her scanner down and type in all the information from the girl's ID. It took 10 mins!!!!

The reason I see this as a big deal:
We have a system that was accepted by our society and the world decades ago, its called a check card (debit if u want). Every one born after 1960 should be using plastic.

Writing these checks tells me that your money is funny. Or you just want to make your life harder to manage (checks take days to process).
Hey! real money makers really dont care to see their money and they want their account updated to the second, the only way that can be done is through [plastic].

Money Maker Status = Direct deposit, online bill pay, online shopping, reservations

I can understand if you may not trust yourself with a card, or have that ghetto "I need to see my money" mentality, fine . . .

PLEASE evaluate your life and your surroundings your check writing is bad for everyone and is really an inconvenience to you as well.


DA$HING said...

O my god this exact thing happened to me the other day. i walked into the store to buy 1 case of beer ( J.W. Dundie's Honey Brown Beer to be exact) and this like 50 yr old man is in line in front of me and pulls a check book out of his jean jacket. Surpasing the fact he had a jean jacked on was the fact he kept asking the lady how much he owed her cause he had one check left and couldnt mess it up. i wanted to kill myself. i seriously thought i was on punked cause that was the only lane open and he was moving so slow.
this is Da$hing signing off, people please, use plastic

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

i threw a stack on the table the other day and said keep the change! Now what u think about that Nesbitt! No plastic involved! GET LIKE ME!


but really tho...checks are a disgrace. ugh.