Big Lips

I really like fashion, and the photography that captures it. But it would be nothing with out the people who bring the emotion to the clothes with their natural beauty and aesthetic. As far back as I could study I have found that an attractive model has been defined as having facial structure and features that are of European descent. That usually meant large eyes, long very slender noses, and strong sharp jaw lines.

BUT one thing that makes my day [thank ya jesus] is that the world defines big lips and dark skin as beautiful. This is why our lighter raced cousins tan their skin, and inject their lips with chemicals.

Models such as these are paving the way for a new definition of what is beautiful. Sorry i mean these highly paid world renowned SUPER MODELS are paving the way. . .

Salieu Jolloh
Alek Wek
Dominique Hollington

Google them please . . .