Once was Lost But Now ITS found!

*shaking my head*...today had to be a wonderful day for one reason alone. For YEARS i have searched for the candy that has made my heart pound. "Chews"...yes thats all that it says on the wrapper. But with so little writing, it does so much to me! Never have i had this feeling over something edible. Every now and then I find a corner store that sells a ziploc bag of 50 cents. Or even the crackhead is sellin em on the corner of a crowded stoplight. But I'm so tired of getting a handful and then the "Chews" are out of my life for like another 6 months. But today (and OHHHH the day!) we have reunited. But not like any other time. But it was in a ICE CREAM SHOP that i found the original bag of these "Chews". And it had a NAME on the bag....Albert's Fruit Chews. ALBERT I LOVE YOU!!!


Aramide said...

OMG! I love Chews!!! I haven't had any in years! My other vice is Frooties!