Who said that all collaborations were good?
My boy happen to send me a link of a sneaker today and I was excited to see that it was dealing with a local sneaker shop here in st.louis, but then I saw FILA OUCH!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, but I did have a pair of fila's back in my younger days (Grant Hills) but after that era was done so was fila, even NAS couldn't put them on top with his sneaker X fila. This shoe isn't that bad but I would never wear it. Im pretty sure it would sell out considering its only 72 pair here in st.louis, and the other r.sole store located in Memphis. Its expected to drop Dec 12th 2008, check out the pics and you can also read more about the sneaker on sneakerfiles.com


OcTaViUs said...

i wonder if these will sale out the 1st day