Only I remember? . . .

"Explorers" (1985) The story of Three Boys who build a spaceship out of old junk and go on an adventure through space. Movies like this have shaped my scientific and inventive aesthetic .
"Warriors of Virtue" (1997) Again these movies a responsible for my way of thinking and probably my out of the box fashion sense. This film as you can see was about Kung Fu fighting Kangaroos who all represented every element (pictured below), The other details are pretty general to Elemental ,protect the good, types of martial arts movies.

What brought be to this reminiscence was the discovery that the college class of 2012 was born in 1990 and have not even heard of any of these movies. It hurts my heart that they have never experienced the deep thought and purpose that went into Child adventure movies before the Spy kids era. . . Tisk Tisk

[ If you want to know more about these classics that raised my IQ and my level of creativity leave a comment and i will get back to you.]