Heartfelt Confession

I read something. It was beautiful. It's blog-worthy. Check it out:

As i sit in Webster University Library not just listening, but absorbing every word of 808's and Heartbreak i am compelled to write this note. Now take it for what its worth because it is being written by the guy who didn’t write anything about Obama being the first black president (maybe cause it hasn't set in yet) but decided to stop his 10 page paper to express his emotional connection to a cd.The only word i can think of to describe 808's and Heartbreak is "Raw". When i say Raw I am using the word with its intended definition of: " brutally or grossly frank, not diluted, painfully opened, unnaturally exposed and disagreeably damp and chilly." The rawness of the emotion in 808's and Heartbreak is not only felt but experienced, taking the listener either with artist to an unknown place and time or to somewhere deeper within, painstakingly hidden only to be exposed and exploited with every beat. Before i disclose any more of the album it is only fair that i warn you that if you are not a true music lover and are limited in ideas and genres of music u need to stop reading now because you wouldn’t understand As i sit and think why this album has compelled me to uncharacteristically open up in a way foreign to my personality i have come to a stark realization. That being, i suffer from the same downfalls and bask in the same successes as the composer of this album. This is in no way an attempt to liken myself to Kanye West but to accept that there is a unifying connection in perception and ideology between myself, the composer, and countless others. This album reigns supreme not because of what is always said but is left to the listener to interpret through previous experiences or an immense imagination. No other song proves this to be true than the first song "Say You Will". While the first 3 or so min contain lyrics the last 3 continue with just the music, lyrics excluded, reminding the listener of "Is that Enough" and "Anna's Song", songs off Marvin Gaye's album "Here My Dear" an unparalleled classic made during his divorce from Berry Gordy's daughter Anna.Songs like "Amazin", boasting of ones greatness, that is most commonly miss-understood by the average listener as arrogance serves as national anthem for the self acknowledging, self centered individual (such as myself) created not tojustifying the self appraising behavior but simply acknowledging and respecting its presence. It stands as a tribute, addressing the authors self image battle to maintain greatness not for others but for oneself. While songs like Bad News expose the vulnerability of people who hesitantly commit themselves to another only to find out that their idea's of self preservation threw resistance of self discloser may have been right.Then there is the song "Tell Everybody That You Know" garnering my response of staring aimlessly out the widow thinking of better times in a previous relationship while at the same time cursing the very name of the one I once held dear. Tell Everybody That You Know" is a song for those who love so hard that they have to constantly remind themselves that the love is gone through a barrage of chants, and curses only to reveal the print, left by the previous lover on the authors heart, is still there. Bringing to mind the image of a man standing by the front door screaming that he is "leaving with no intentions to return" only to continually scream until his cry's of defiance (masking his longing for attention) are acknowledged.808’s and heartbreak is simply…………………………………………………….. Miles Ahead.

--Jabari Conrad