Who can judge me but me alone
No one has insight to my life
No one can understand my pain
No one knows were I "came" from
No one knows.............me
Who is me?
Who is I?
Am I the confidant?
Am I the lover?
Am I the understanding one?
Am I the fighter?
Am I the cryer?
Am I the bastard?
Am I the independent one?
Am I the procrastinator?
Am I the articulate one?
Am I the caregiver?
Am I the craver?
Am I the.........unknown?
...maybe so.
I am the unknown of myself
I am unknown to you
If I don't know myself, how will you know?
I crave to help you
But can I help if I haven't helped myself?
So confusing yet so intriguing.
I have to find an answer!
My life is a scientific experiment:
Ask why.
Predict the solution.
& Evaluate.
Yes...Evaluation produces an answer.
Evaluation produces an answer?...
They why do I feel incomplete?...

-- Twiggy L.