An Appauling Favor

So I was listening to the Rickey Smiley show this morning and the topic was Janet Jackson (my love/my hero). Apparently, Janet has left Def Jam. You know why?...Def Jam wants Janet to have a more "mature" sound. The name Anita Baker was mentioned. Anita Baker???!!!...You want Janet to get on Anita Baker's level??!! HELLLLL NAW!! Def Jam got Janet AND me f*cked up! That wouldn't even be the Janet we all have come to love. Ok..so she is up there in age...but you can't tell! Let that woman continue her shine. That glow doesn't leave. That entertainment doesn't leave. Unfortunately...she just had to leave. lol! Tsk, tsk Def Jam... *shaking my head and smirking*

Janet been tight since before my birth. Don't do me! Check out this video. Rhythm Nation. A lil ancient. Not quite. One of my favorites. So simple but so damn DOPE.