Black Mixed with Black

Many times, my family and I get asked what we are mixed with. I get so confused with that question....why is this a consistent question in our lives? Are we not black enough?...No..that's not the reason. Of course I realize that we are asked this because of simple reasons. Our hair is of a different texture...our skin is of a different shade (not really)...our features are different. That is all. To be honest, I am the only one who truly has a bi-racial side (my biological father is Dominican). But when someone is not there, all you know is what you got...and that's Black! My family is black mixed with black! We have hair like BLACK people. We have skin tones like BLACK people. We have facial features like BLACK people. Aren't BLACK people soooo unique?...They can have so many BEAUTIFUL, DIFFERENT qualities that make it easy to tell us apart. *sigh* Don't get me wrong...i connect with my Dominican side. But i KNOW my BLACK side and I love being me...


I find, in being Black, a thing of "Beauty";

like a joy; a strength; a secret cup of gladness ...
a native land in neither time nor place ...a native land in every Black face!
Be loyal to yourselves;

your skin;

your hair;

your lips;

your speech;

your laughing kinds are Black kingdoms,

vast as any other.
-- Ossie Davis