Behind the Scenes

So I was checking in on my {1st} cousin, W.Hump. You may know him as the lead on the business side of Eyekon clothing, which was shown at St. Louis Fall Fashion Week.

But Here is a sneak peak view of a Photo Campaign to promote his summer 2009 Album Release!

Every one knows that about every 5-10 years the Noir of Hip Hop music switches regions, it went from the East Coast, West Coast, Down South, and now its our time in the Midwest. Specifically STL.

His sound is an alternative from the low class drawl we are used to in rap, and is relevant to Hip Hops new found ascent into high fashion culture.

The album is entitled, The Definition Of FRE$H: 102 its number 102 So you might want to check for the prerequisite course, Click [Here].

Be looking out for the Single, Bruce Lee

Photos By: Eyre Inc. (We are taking notes!)